A billi tap is a stylish and energy efficient drinking water system that provides instant boiling or chilled filtered water at the push of a button. It’s also a great way to keep your staff well hydrated without the hassle of having to keep a kettle boiling.

Billi’s world-renowned energy efficiency is due to clever heat exchange systems, which reclaim waste heat from chilling cycles and use it to preheat the boiling cycle. The result is significant energy savings and the systems operate in a stand-by mode after a set time of non-use to conserve energy further.

Unlike conventional water coolers and machines, Billi systems are designed to be installed under the bench, meaning they don’t require a costly bulky water dispenser, water filter or additional plumbing. They are less than half the size of other systems on the market and look and work like a regular tap, so they can fit nicely into your existing kitchen layout.

There are a range of models to choose from, including a dual lever, square slimline tap or modern classic gooseneck mixer tap. Some can dispense instant boiling and ambient filtered water, whilst others offer a choice of drinking options such as chilled, sparkling or hot. All of our filtered Billi systems are made in Australia and are backed by an extensive warranty for peace of mind. Carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders are an essential part of a Billi tap and need replacing regularly. Our team of experts at The Water People can help you select the right model and advise on how many CO2 cylinders your workplace will require.

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