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Star Plus Electrical is a proud, locally owned and operated business serving Adelaide and surrounding areas. We offer a 24/7 emergency call out service and all of our work is completed by an accredited electrician.

We specialise in all things electrical, from lighting to power points, sockets and switches to extractor fans and appliances. We also install all plumbing fixtures, including hot water systems and gas fittings. All work is guaranteed and we are available to quote on any job.

Some people may think about fixing Burwood’s electrical faults on their own

Some people may think about fixing Burwood electrical faults on their own to save money, but the fact is that they cannot save it, to tell you the truth. I do not mean to be rude, hence it is a fact that attempting to fix Burwood’s electrical faults on your own may put you in danger, so better be safe than sorry.

When you live in an older house inconsistent power is common but if you have built a new house and the power is inconsistent then you need to make sure to call the electrician in the area to have an overview of what is happening in the house. The inconsistent power can be because you have a frayed wire or any bulb which is exceeding its watt then this can occur. You should call the electrician before the light starts to flicker and performing certain actions can limit it.

Fixing an electrical fault on your own is not safe unless you are a professional electrician in Burwood. Electricity is not something that you can take lightly! Before you attempt to do it alone, you must first obtain professional training. A trained electrician can fix Burwood’s electrical faults because they have obtained proper professional training.

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