The Thailand Privilege Card – More Choices More Freedom


For those who want to live or invest in Thailand, there’s a new card and visa that offers unprecedented access to the country and its people. The Thailand Privilege Card is a government-backed program that lets its members enjoy VIP privileges, including priority airport service, a concierge, and access to a range of exclusive experiences.

Previously known as the Elite Visa, the card has been rebranded with a new name and four membership packages, which are now available to purchase. Each package includes perks in several areas, including accommodations, travel, leisure and personal finance. In line with the company’s brand DNA of “More Choices More Freedom,” each package features amplified privileges that are customised to suit different global lifestyles.

The highest-tier package, Reserve, costs 5 million baht for a 20-year membership and includes a variety of benefits. Its highlights include an annual health checkup, fitness and wellness services, a private chef at home, golf green fees and massages, and special shopping privileges. The card also comes with a complimentary airport transfer and airport lounge, plus an elite personal assistant who can handle all your travel arrangements. It’s worth noting, however, that there are restrictions on the number of limousine transfers that can be booked and you will need to pay extra for VIP movie tickets and Muay Thai experiences.

Meanwhile, the Gold and Platinum cards cost 2.5 million baht and 1.5 million baht for a 10- and 5-year membership respectively. They offer a wide array of benefits, including VIP movie tickets and Thai boxing experiences. In addition, they come with a private chef at home and access to a network of luxury hotels in the country. The card is available to residents of selected countries, and its members can earn points every year that they can redeem for top-tier privileges.

Lastly, the Flexible Plus Programme is an investment-based option that lets its members enjoy a permanent residency in Thailand. This entitles them to work permits under the Thai Immigration Act and is designed for affluent foreign investors. The company has launched the programme in response to a recent economic recovery.

The Thailand Privilege Card Company, a state enterprise under the supervision of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, has launched new packages of privilege cards for expats and wealthy investors. The company’s goal is to elevate the quality of Thailand products and services, generate revenue for the country, and reinforce its image as a global organizational leader. The company has also rolled out its new identity with a contemporary logo design and staff uniforms. Thailand Privilege Card

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