Abrasive Wheels Training is a legal requirement for anyone that uses handheld equipment such as petrol cut off saws (Stihl, Makita etc), battery or electric powered grinders and angle grinders. These tools use abrasive wheels for cutting, shaping, smoothing and cleaning a variety of materials during workplace activities. This online training course is designed to teach participants how to purchase & select, store & handle, mount & dress, and use abrasive wheels safely for different applications in a variety of work environments.

The course covers the key legislation, responsibilities of the employer / employee, dangers associated with this equipment and control measures that can be used to reduce risks and hazards in the workplace. This course is suitable for employees that operate handheld equipment with abrasive wheels in the workplace and is CPD accredited and IIRSM approved.

Benefits of Abrasive Wheels Training

Providing the right amount of training for employees who operate abrasive wheels helps them to perform their job with confidence and precision, improving overall workplace morale. It also ensures regulatory compliance and protects organisations from penalties or legal entanglements. Moreover, the appropriate use of abrasive wheels decreases equipment damage and enables maintenance staff to extend equipment lifespan. This in turn saves on replacement costs and boosts overall productivity. As a result, this Abrasive Wheels Training course is an excellent investment in your workforce and the wider business. Abrasive Wheels Training

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