If you’re looking to replace your kettle or just give your kitchen an instant upgrade, a boiling water tap is the way to go. They look great, are easy to use and come with plenty of features.

Instant hot water taps offer instant 98°C boiling water on the press of a button. Many also offer ambient, filtered and chilled water from one tap too.

It’s easy to use

There’s a lot to love about instant boiling water taps. They’re easy to use and come with safety features to avoid any accidental scalding accidents. Most models have a spring-loaded child lock that turns off the tap when you pull the handle down and are also insulated to prevent their spout from overheating.

They’re also incredibly energy efficient, using less power than a kettle and requiring minimal standby energy when they aren’t in use. They are also easier to clean than a kettle, so there’s less maintenance required.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from different models offering a variety of additional functions such as chilled, filtered or sparkling water. These options make it easier to stay hydrated throughout the day and they can even help reduce your water bill.

Boiling water taps also make blanching vegetables or cooking a quick meal such as pasta, eggs or noodles a breeze. They can also be used for making hot drinks like coffee and tea. These handy gadgets are becoming a staple in many modern homes and they’re sure to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen design. Just be sure to keep a few things in mind before you invest. There’s installation and maintenance to consider and some taps require the purchase of a separate filtration unit.

It’s safe

A boiling water tap is a much safer way to access hot water than the humble kettle. Kettles can tip over or get bumped, causing accidents which may result in burns and scalding. Boiling water taps are firmly affixed to your work surface and come with safety features such as an insulated spout and a spring-loaded handle that turns the flow off if left unattended, making them perfect for households with young children.

Instant boiling water taps save energy too, by only dispensing the amount of boiling water you need at a time. This is a big saving over filling and emptying a kettle which can often lead to over-filling, and wasting water. A boiling water tap can also help to cut down on food waste, as you won’t be using leftovers that need reheating.

Whether you’re a whizz at blanching veggies, cooking noodles or brewing a good cup of tea, a boiling water tap can make life so much easier for modern households. The convenience of having boiling water instantly at your fingertips means you’ll be able to cook and clean in less time too. The energy savings you’ll achieve will make your new appliance pay for itself over time and conserve one of our most precious natural resources too. So, if you’re looking for a stylish way to heat up your water in the kitchen and banish the old kettle, why not take a look at our range of boiling water taps.

It’s stylish

A new boiling water tap is a stylish addition to any kitchen design. These countertop appliances dispense hot water at the press of a button, and some models even come with different temperature settings and the option to set pre-sets. They are also more energy efficient than a traditional kettle as they have insulated tanks that prevent heat loss and only dispense when needed, rather than repeatedly heating small amounts of water and wasting energy.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant black tap or a stainless steel finish, there’s a model to suit every kitchen decor. Instant boiling water taps are easy to clean, with some featuring a removable filter that helps prevent limescale build-up. They can be used to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and for cooking.

The best 3-in-1 boiling water taps also feature a child safety feature. For example, the Zip HydroTap Omni has a push-to-activate spring-loaded lever that’s designed to stay cool so it can’t be operated by children, eliminating the risk of accidental scalding.

A boiling water tap is a smart choice for any luxury kitchen project, saving space and energy, while making it more convenient to get a quick cup of tea or brew a pot of coffee. These taps are also great for elderly and disabled homeowners, as they eliminate the need to fill and lift a kettle, which can be dangerous if you have arthritis or mobility problems.

It’s environmentally friendly

Boiling water taps use considerably less energy than a kettle, and as such are an eco-friendly kitchen appliance. This is because they heat water only when it’s needed, rather than continuously like a kettle. This saves water and electricity as well as the cost of the energy used to boil it.

Boil-as-you-go taps dispense hot, cold and sparkling water, all at the push of a button. They also reduce the amount of plastic wasted as there’s no need for disposable cups or bottles.

In fact, a boiling water tap could be the perfect addition to an office that’s trying to go green. Not only are they convenient, but they look stylish too – with many models being chrome and having a sleek modern design that fits in seamlessly with any kitchen.

These taps also have other eco-friendly features, such as being able to dispense filtered water, which helps to cut down on plastic waste and is great for the environment. They also have a thermally-insulated tank that keeps the water at 98°C, so you only get the amount of water you need, which cuts down on energy usage. Plus, many come with a child-safe spring lock system to help prevent any accidental scalding from the tap’s steam. This is another feature that makes them safe to use and suitable for the whole family.

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