Dolores cannon hypnosis is the process that was created by Dolores Cannon and refined over the course of her 45-year career as a regressive hypnosis therapist. She worked with thousands of clients from all over the world before her death in 2014. She called the process Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT for short. The QHHT process is designed to access your Subconscious, or Higher Self (you may prefer to call it God, Oversoul, Christ Consciousness, etc). It allows you to see past lives that have impacted your current life and beyond.

The most important aspect of dolores cannon hypnosis, in the eyes of many, is its ability to heal. There are many testimonials of physical healing from people who have undergone a qhht session. There is also a lot of research that supports the idea that we can use our subconscious minds to heal ourselves in this lifetime and in other ones as well.

Unlike most hypnosis, the QHHT session is designed to work with you in the deepest level of trance possible, which is called the somnambulistic state. This is the same state you enter twice a day when you are awakening and falling asleep. This level of trance is not available to most hypnotists, as they lack the ability to achieve it or are reluctant to work in this very mysterious and sometimes unpredictable realm of hypnosis.

Another remarkable aspect of the dolores cannon hypnosis process is its ability to reveal information that may challenge our existing beliefs or perspectives. For example, in a number of cases, clients reported that they lived during the time of Jesus Christ, and often had very different views about his teachings and perspective. dolores cannon hypnosis

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