How Long Can You Drive Your Car Without Changing the Engine Oil?


How long do you think you’ll be able to go without changing your oil? Let’s take the human body as an example to address the question. In your automobile,How Long Can You Drive Your Car Without Changing the Engine Oil? Articles engine oil serves the same role that blood does in the human body. In the same way that blood flows throughout your body, engine oil circulates throughout your car’s engine, lubricating and preserving the components (both big and small).

So, how long do you think you’ll be able to go without changing your oil? That, of course, is contingent on a variety of factors. Here’s where we get into more depth about oil change intervals:

Oil Changes in Older Cars or High Mileage Cars

Depending on how you drive your car on a daily basis and how you drive it when you put it through its paces, you may need to replace the oil in your older car. It’s termed “tasked” driving when you utilise your car for short trips with a lot of stop-and-go driving. Other situations where you could use it include driving in severe weather or transporting heavy goods. If you drive your automobile regularly, you’ll need to change the oil much more often. We don’t suggest driving an older heavy-duty vehicle for more than 6,000 miles without changing the oil. Search for car service in Reading on the internet and schedule an appointment with a specialist for an interim service (oil change only).

Oil Changes in Modern Cars

As previously stated, modern cars feature oil-life monitoring devices that alert you when it’s time to replace your oil. Some systems utilise time and miles to determine when the oil starts to deteriorate, while others use driving conditions. Regardless of the oil monitoring system, you’ll receive a message on the dashboard when it’s time to replace the oil. Determining how long your vehicle should go without an oil change is considerably easier with newer cars. Delaying an oil change after receiving an alert puts your engine at risk of harm and increases your chances of costly repairs. Look for garages in Reading on the internet and make an appointment with a mechanic. Time intervals, on the other hand, are affected by oil technology. How long can I go without changing my synthetic oil? Depending on the car’s age and driving habits, synthetic oil-powered engines have been reported to last up to 15,000 miles between oil changes. lote tree leaves

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