Choosing the Cheapest Extended Car Warranty


As a consumer, you can find the cheapest extended car warranty by comparing quotes from multiple providers. Most car protection companies have tools on their websites or a way to contact a representative that can give you free quotes. Using these tools can help you get an idea of what your coverage options will cost and which tier of coverage is best for your needs. You can also ask about discounts. Most providers offer some type of discount, but they may not list it on their website. It never hurts to ask, though, and the right rep may be able to make you an even better deal.

Some providers may charge a premium for their coverage plans, which can increase your overall costs. To reduce these charges, it’s best to choose a provider that offers flexible terms and payment options. These providers will let you pay for your plan in monthly installments rather than upfront. They can also make it easier for you to cancel the policy if you change your mind.

It’s important to consider the reliability of your vehicle and how likely it is that you will need costly repairs before buying an extended warranty. A reliable vehicle will be less expensive to repair and may not require an extended warranty, especially if you have savings set aside for any potential issues. Similarly, if you’re planning on selling your vehicle before its factory warranty expires, it may not be worth the extra expense to purchase a car protection plan.

Aside from the price of your extended auto warranty, it’s also important to consider the provider’s reputation and customer service. Reading customer reviews and looking at the company’s BBB rating can help you get an idea of how well a provider will treat you as a consumer. You should also take into account the company’s cancellation policy and whether it offers a money-back guarantee or a similar policy.

We reached out to several providers for quotes on a 2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited. Carchex and Endurance were both able to provide quotes that were fairly close in price. Carchex was able to provide the lowest quote because of its open and transparent business model and excellent customer service. However, its customer reviews and BBB rating are below average.

Choosing the Best Extended Car Warranties

Ultimately, you’ll want to buy your car protection plan from a reputable provider that provides affordable rates and an easy-to-use website. You’ll also want to look at the available coverage plans and deductibles, as well as how easily you can cancel your contract. You should also check whether the company requires you to have your car repaired by certain mechanics or has depreciation clauses that can reduce your payout in case of an accident. Finally, you should make sure that the company you’re considering will accept your credit card as a form of payment. Some providers will only accept cash or checks, but others may have a broader acceptance range.

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