Stylish and Comfortable Custom Non-Slip Socks Roundup


Stylish and comfy custom non-slip socks are a great addition to any brand’s apparel lineup. Create socks with logos, slogans or your company colors to help employees and customers rep your brand with style and confidence. These branded socks are also a great gift for people in your network and make a good giveaway item at events.

The socks we tested in this roundup all feature a rubber non-slip heel and an elastic arch band to help prevent them from slipping down your foot. But it’s important to note that not all non-slip socks are created equal, as factors such as the rubber gripper, fabric weight and sock size can affect how well they perform. We’ve also included a pair of socks that are completely invisible thanks to a special knitting process.

A big thank you to our friends at Sheec for allowing us to test their invisible no-show socks in this roundup. Sheec stands for Stylish, Hidden, Essential, Easy, Comfortable and their socks live up to that promise. Their no-show socks are incredibly comfortable and stay up all day. They’re also super lightweight and soft. They even feature a silicone heel grip which makes them the most non-slip sock in this roundup.

Sheec’s socks are available in a variety of styles and fit all types of shoes. Their Active X and Secret 3.0 no-show socks are both super comfortable and amazingly lightweight. And they’re all available in a range of sizes from small to extra large so you can find the perfect fit. The only downside of these amazing no-shows is that they run a bit small, so we recommend going up a size if you’re ordering them for yourself.

Another brand that offers invisible no-show socks is Zederna. Their socks feature a unique arrow design that’s designed to improve gripping in your boots while you’re playing soccer or football. They work by activating the arrows to generate high levels of adhesion with the shoe’s inner sole, especially as your foot twists during play.

We tested a pair of their no-show socks in our Wet Pendulum Friction Test and found that they performed slightly worse than some of the other non-slip socks we’ve tested. This might be due to the socks not being fully aligned with the inner sole, which could result in a smaller effective contact area. The same issue may apply to some compression stockings, which can be worn in place of non-slip socks.

These are still some of the best no-show socks for men on the market, but if you’re looking for a better option that stays put without being too visible, we recommend our top pick Sheec. They’re incredibly lightweight, soft, and don’t slip at all. Plus, they have a Heel Lock and a Full Contact Fit that hugs your foot for a snug fit with no slipping. And they’re super affordable, starting at just $10 a pair.

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