Becoming a Celebrity Bodyguard


When you’re an actor, singer or a big-name athlete, there are always people out to harm you. For many of them, the best way to get around the threat of physical violence is to hire a bodyguard. Bodyguards are usually hired for their strong appearance and the intimidating look they can give off, but with the right training, they’re also highly effective at keeping clients safe in various situations.

A professional protector’s job entails working with a celebrity during public events like red carpet appearances and award shows, as well as dinner dates or shopping trips. During these high-risk situations, the protector must consider everything from credible threats to known enemies and plan the safest possible way for their client to navigate a scenario. This includes planning ahead, such as knowing all walking routes to a venue and the locations of bathroom facilities and fire exits.

A background in military or law enforcement is usually required for this role, with most top security firms hiring veterans of elite military units and police departments, such as the Navy Seals or U.S. Army Delta Force. While it’s not essential to have these qualifications to become a celebrity bodyguard, it can be helpful for you to have the experience to show your dedication and commitment to this career field. Additionally, there are numerous private course providers that offer certifications and licences for bodyguarding. These courses can provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to get started in this industry. Billie Jean enterprises

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