Grip socks are taking the world of sports by storm. They are made of breathable material that reduces sweating, which is one of the leading causes of blisters. They also help players keep their feet cool during games. These grip socks also provide support to the ankle and Achilles heel. This allows the ankles to stay locked in place which improves agility and helps prevent rubbing of the skin against shoes. They are also made of premium quality material that is comfortable to wear.

The socks feature a design that is similar to the outside of the footwear, with grippy pads in the shape of arrows. These pads generate a Grip: IN action, which grips the inside of the shoe, preventing the foot from sliding around in the shoe as it moves during 90% of sports activities. This makes the socks a great option for athletes of all levels.

Grip socks can be worn alone or with regular sports socks, and they are often used by athletes who participate in activities like pilates, tennis, padel, running, handball, and athletics. They are also commonly used by elderly patients in hospitals who may be at risk of falling.

SOXPro grip socks have received several international awards for their high quality, comfort and functionality. For example, the Plus X Award jury rewarded these socks for their outstanding performance and ergonomics. sports grip socks

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