How to Write a Business Plan for Your New Salon


Whether you’re into sleek, straight locks or a tousled, windswept ‘do—or even a sexy, edgy style à la Gossip Girl (think the Rachel cut)—there’s a New York City salon to suit your look. The city’s top hairstylists can whip up whatever you’re craving in a flash and do it without breaking the bank.

A good business plan is essential for any new salon owner, as it helps you determine how much your salon will cost to operate each month, forecast your salon’s revenue potential and find your break-even point. You’ll also want to decide how you’ll manage your salon operations and make sure you comply with local laws and regulations.

To make your salon stand out, it’s important to establish a unique brand identity. From naming your salon to creating a logo, you should focus on branding strategies that are consistent with your concept and target market.

You’ll also need to figure out how you’re going to hire, train and retain staff. Whether you’re opening a full-service salon or one that specializes in just haircuts, it’s critical to have the right team in place to ensure your clients get the best service possible. Many salons also offer services like manicures and pedicures, facials and massages. If you’re offering these services, it’s a good idea to register your business with the state and acquire an Employer Identification Number and tax filing status. This is necessary to avoid tax penalties and keep you in compliance with federal and state guidelines. Best Salon

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