A bitcoin blender or cryptocurrency mixer is a service that allows you to mix your Bitcoin with others’ Bitcoin and receive new bitcoins that are unlinked to your original ones. These services are often used to break the connection between your identity and your BTC, making it impossible to trace your bitcoins.

There are a number of different types of bitcoin mixers and they all work slightly differently, but the principle is similar. They take your bitcoins and mix them with other users’ bitcoins in their pool. Then they send you back an equivalent amount of mixed bitcoins, minus their service fee. This makes it very difficult to track the origins of your bitcoin and can help protect your privacy.

Although Bitcoin mixers are sometimes associated with illicit activities, they can be used for perfectly legitimate reasons. For example, if you pay someone in bitcoin for something like a pair of alpaca socks, the blockchain can reveal a lot about that person, including their location, home address, and other details. This is not a good thing, and it’s one reason why people use a bitcoin mixer.

The best bitcoin mixers are the ones that offer a high level of anonymity, low fees, and fast speeds. We’ve ranked the top ten based on those three factors and other important criteria such as reputation, fee size, and log policy. The top rated bitcoin tumblers are Coinomize, Quickmix, BitMixer, and Anonymixer.

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