What Does a Creative Director Do


A creative director oversees a team of designers, artists and copywriters to create cohesive, consistent visions across multiple mediums. They may work for agencies, companies or nonprofits and are responsible for meeting with clients to understand their project goals. They also serve as the point person for questions about things like artwork files and brand guidelines.

A skilled creative director can see the forest for the trees, bringing their own ideas to projects but remaining sensitive to the unique needs of the team they manage. For example, if a design team is creating a set for a product shoot, a creative director might be able to pull inspiration from an ordinary shower curtain or the average bathroom tile to transform it into a fantasy world.

While the traditional image of a creative director is someone who has a degree in graphic design, experience in the industry usually trumps education when it comes to getting a job in this role. Most creative directors begin their careers as assistants or in similar roles and spend several years building up a portfolio of designs, art pieces or other creative work. During this time, they can learn how to manage different types of projects, build relationships with their peers and master the tools of the trade.

Whether it’s following the work of incredible visual artists on Instagram or holing up in a library with stacks of design tomes, a good creative director is always consuming inspiration. The more they see, the more possibilities they have for their own work.

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