The Best Reusable Milk Storage Bags


Breast milk is precious (and laborious to pump), so you don’t want to see any of it spilled. That’s why the best reusable milk storage bags will have a double-zipper seal to prevent leaks and are made of durable materials that can hold up to 6 ounces of fluid. They also should be easy to clean and come pre-sterilized, as well as stand upright in the fridge and freezer. In addition to plastic and silicone options, there are even a few bags that can replace mason jars, making them a versatile solution for storing food other than breast milk after you finish breastfeeding.

Our top picks include a wide variety of sizes, materials, and features, like an easy-pour spout and a label that’s large enough to write on. Some are designed for pumping directly in, while others have space to attach an adapter for a bottle. We also looked for bags that are BPA-free, freezer-safe and thawable, easily stand up in the fridge and freezer, and are easy to assemble and use.

These simple, pre-sterilized bags have a double zipper to prevent leaking and are easily sized for a wide range of bottles. They also have a space to write on the bag for storage guidelines, and a gusseted bottom that helps them stand up in the freezer without tipping over. Our only complaint is that they didn’t freeze as flat in testing and have a less-durable feel than some of the other options we tested. best reusable milk storage bags

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