Silver Kiddush Cup and Plate Set


Kiddush is the Jewish blessing recited over wine or grape juice to sanctify the Sabbath and holidays. Many families have a special goblet or glass for the blessing. This vessel is called the Kiddush cup.

A sterling silver classicly designed Kiddush cup and plate set makes a luxurious addition to any table for Shabbat or holiday meals. It is a beautiful reminder of the tradition of the Jewish faith and the rich heritage passed down through generations.

This is a gorgeous, hand-crafted silver kiddush cup from Nadav Art. The cup is beautifully decorated in a hammered finish and features the Kiddush blessing for wine, Borei Pri Hagefen, overlaid with colorful enamel. This cup would make a wonderful gift for a special someone or for yourself!

There was a time that it was poshut to only use a silver cup for making kiddush. However, nowadays, it is acceptable to say a blessing over any vessel, such as a plastic or paper cup, provided that it is thick enough to hold the liquid and that the drink being made in it is mevushal, meaning it is kosher for this purpose.

In order to be kosher for kiddush, a cup must be in perfect condition. This means that it cannot have a crack, chip or other defect in it, and must be free from any signs of use. It should also not be made of any material that can cause an unhealthy taste in the drink, such as aluminum or stainless steel. Most silver kiddush cups today are coated on the inside with Teflon or 14k gold, which not only preserves the flavor of the wine but also protects one’s health. silver kiddush cup

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