Choosing a Fire Pump Manufacturer


A fire pump Manufacturer produces a fire fighting device that supplies water at high pressure to the sprinkler systems in a building or area of land. These devices are typically powered by electricity or diesel and activate when the water pressure in the sprinkler system falls below a certain level, providing enough flow to extinguish the fire quickly. These pumps are available in various sizes and power capacities, depending on the size of the building and the type of nozzles that are used to spray the water.

There are a number of different suppliers that provide fire pumps and related equipment. KSB in Frankenthal, Germany is an engineering company that offers a wide range of pump solutions, including those specifically designed for fire protection applications. Their commitment to innovative design, comprehensive product line, energy efficiency, durability and global customer support positions them as a leading fire pump manufacturer.

Glauber Equipment Corp in Telford, PA is a distributor of end suction fire pumps with capacities up to 5,000 GPM. These pumps are FM and NFPA-compliant and can be powered by diesel or electric motors.

Duthie Power Services in Long Beach, CA is a supplier of generator components such as fuel tanks, A/T switches and fire pumps, along with filters and distribution panels. Their services include maintenance, diagnosis, repair, overhaul, reconstruction, installation and rental services.

Choosing the right fire pump is important to ensure that your fire safety program works when you need it. The best manufacturers of fire pumps offer a variety of features and models to meet the unique requirements of your application. fire pump Manufacturer

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