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Sex therapist san diego: A sex therapist helps individuals and couples with a variety of intimate issues. These include sexual desire, arousal, sex drive, erections, sexual trauma, sexual addictions and sexual preferences. A sex therapist may also work with those struggling to communicate about intimacy and address issues such as infidelity. They often have training in hypnotherapy, relationship counseling and other types of therapy.

Licensed Psychologist and Relationship Therapist

Marriage and family therapist Vanessa Rodriguez understands that the most important aspects of any relationship include healthy sex. She works with couples to help them navigate sexual struggles, including diminished sex drives and mismatched libidos, and also provides online and in-person sex therapy for those who struggle with infidelity.

Licensed Psychologist and Sex Therapist

For those struggling with infidelity, Dr. Monika Grace can provide sex therapy that is both confidential and compassionate. She believes that sex issues are often rooted in other issues, and she strives to bring healing to the whole person. Her approach to sex counseling is spiritually-based, which is helpful for those who want to integrate their faith with their sex life.

Sex Therapist in San Diego

You can find a sex therapist near you on Zencare by using filters like insurance, specialty and availability. You can also browse therapist profiles, watch their introductory videos and book a free call to decide if they might be the right fit for you. Regardless of the reason you’re looking for a sex therapist, you can trust that the providers on Zencare are vetted for their experience treating individual adults and couples.

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