Outdoor Archery 3D Target Shooting


3D Outdoor Target Range

What better way is there to enjoy archery in the off hunting season, than to practice at an outdoor archery 3D target shoot? During the summer months, we, as a family love to go to different outside archery ranges for 3D archery tournaments. It is just one of the ways to stay in tune for your upcoming fall hunting season.

All you have to do to find a 3D target course in your neighborhood is type in into your search engine “3D target shoots.” You then need to narrow down to your state and county. When you decide where you are to go, all you need to take is your bow, arrows and field tips for your arrows to participate in the activity. When you choose the type of tip for your arrows, (I recommend using the same grams as you use for your hunting broadheads). Try to keep everything the same as what you’re using during hunting season, even your clothing if possible.

When you arrive at the outdoor range, go to the practice range and take a few practice shots to make sure your equipment is OK. It also helps you loosen up muscles that you may not have been using for awhile. Don’t forget to ask any questions you might have to the other archers. Many hunting and shooting tips can be learned by simply asking questions or listening to others who have been in the sport of archery for many years. You can learn from the mistakes they have made in years past. Learning from their mistakes and failures may lead to your successes.

Now it is time to hit the range. Take note while progressing through the course of the 3D target shooting range. Safety is always first. Someone has taken the time to set up the course to make sure no one is ever in the line of fire. This takes time and effort to figure out the route of each 3D target. Who knows, some day you may be setting up an archery 3D target shoot.

Usually you are not only shooting at 3D deer targets, but also many different types of animal 3D targets. They range in all sizes from small game animal targets, to the largest of targets, such as; the life size 3D elk target. Shooting distances vary anywhere from 10 yards to 60 or even 70 yards. Your shots may require you to shoot through small holes in the brush or you may have to kneel down to shoot. This makes the course as realistic as possible to a live hunt.

I cannot think of a better way to practice for your upcoming hunting season, then to participate in an outdoor archery 3D target shoot. Your learning experience and practice will be much appreciated when that ten point buck steps out in front of you during hunting season this coming fall. So take your family and friends and have FUN and ENJOY the sport of ARCHERY!!! shooting Budapest

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