Two people were shot in a parking lot outside of Churchill High School on Thursday. Both were hit with multiple shots. Both were taken to Atrium Health Navicent. One of the victims is in stable condition and the other is in critical condition. The shooting took place in the 2900 block of Churchill Street.

The shooting happened just before noon and the area was temporarily put on lockdown.

A witness reported seeing the suspect shoot a gun inside of a silver minivan, which was parked in a curved driveway right in front of the school’s front doors. Police say the suspect then left the scene. The school is now back in session.

Churchill shooting is a method of handling and firing a shotgun in a way that is both economical, elegant, efficient and powerful. Its philosophy is based on a natural ability to point that, when combined with a correct gun mount and movement, results in a fluid, instinctive and very powerful action. In the Churchill style, there is no question of trying to calculate muzzle velocity, forward allowance or any other complicated matters – the shooter simply looks at the bird and, by a process of correct gun mounting and movement, achieves the lead automatically and subconsciously – the gun just does it.

When he returned to Britain in 1936 after the Boer War, Churchill was determined to improve his shooting and entered pigeon shooting competitions. He rapidly established himself as a top pigeon shooter. He also continued his piping and in 1938 won second place in the officers class of the prestigious piping championships at Aldershot.

He also had a keen interest in firearms and shot his personal Beretta with great success. Churchill’s close call with the sniper on the German-Hungarian border in 1939 led to his being recalled out of retirement as a bodyguard and Thompson was with him until the end of the war.

Churchill’s game shooting book, first published in 1955, is regarded by many as the standard textbook on the subject. It has now been revised by Churchill’s biographer, Macdonald Hastings, who has incorporated comments on points that require enlargement or modification and brought the whole work thoroughly up-to-date. This new edition is not only designed to help the experienced shot who is seeking a greater degree of perfection, but it should be equally valuable to anyone who has never handled a shotgun before. Its principles are as valid now as they were then. It is a work not to be missed by anyone who loves the sport of shooting. It will be of special interest to the gunmaker, the shooting coach and the gun owner who wishes to get more out of his weapon. Churchill shooting

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