One Bernam – Climate Change Impacts on Streamflows in the Bernam River Basin


ONE BERNAM | Located at Bernam Street within the Anson precinct, one bernam is just a stone’s throw away from numerous Grade A office towers and vibrant lifestyle offerings. It is also surrounded by popular malls such as Icon Village, Parco, 100AM and Tanjong Pagar Plaza, making it a highly desirable place to reside.

Streamflows in the Bernam River Basin are used for irrigation for paddy farming in the surrounding area. Due to the intermittent nature of water availability, it is difficult to allocate irrigation water based on demand. This has led to reports of water shortages and rationing during the dry season. Climate change is projected to impact the Bernam River Basin through a reduction in rainfall and warmer temperatures. This study aims to assess the impacts of these changes on the future hydrological flows in the basin using the SWAT model and multi-model projections.

Historical gridded hydro-meteorological data was used to setup and calibrate the SWAT model. Sensitivity analysis was performed to identify parameters that influence the model outputs. The model is then used to simulate future hydrological responses to the climate change scenarios.

With the new CBD Incentive Scheme, URA is allowing developers to increase the gross plot ratio (GPR) of existing commercial developments for conversion to residential and hotel use. This is expected to allow Bernam Street, and other sites in the Anson area, to potentially yield more residential units – up to 325 units in total – than previously estimated. one bernam

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