How to Tell If An Mk Tote Is Genuine


The Mk tote bag is a classic everyday style with plenty of space for all your essentials. Whether you’re shopping for a chic tote to go with your work suit, or something more casual to wear with a sundress at the beach, MK has you covered with their selection of modern masterpieces.

How To Tell If An Mk Tote Is Genuine

The easiest way to spot a genuine Michael Kors tote is to check the logo embossed material and look for precise stitching with no loose threads. You’ll also want to look at the handle tabs on a genuine MK tote bag; these should neatly conceal the ends of the handles and shouldn’t be stitched or sewn into the seam. In addition, the Mk tote should have a hanging logo tag and serial number printed inside the bag.

Authentic MK totes use leather with a natural-looking finish that’s soft and durable. They’re also lined with a light, almost beige shade. On the other hand, faked totes are often made of cheap faux leather with a darker color and textured finish. In some cases, the lining may even have a different logo print pattern than the outer leather.

Upgrade your everyday wardrobe with a tote bag that matches your personality. For a sophisticated look, choose a black tote and pair it with trousers and a blouse for work or joggers and a t-shirt when running errands. Alternatively, opt for a bright-colored tote bag to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Mk tote bag

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