How to Spot a Fake MK Handbag


MK handbags are stylish, functional and affordable. Many women love them for their versatility. Whether you’re a casual dresser or a business woman, you can find the right bag for your needs. However, mk handbags can also be counterfeited. It’s important to know how to spot a fake one so you can avoid them. Here are some tips that will help you keep your closet stocked with authentic Michael Kors bags.

The first step is to make sure the hardware is real and not just plated plastic. Authentic MK hardware is heavy, smooth and finished with a mirror polish. The name Michael Kors is engraved clearly and evenly spaced. The handles and strap hooks should be firm, fold neatly on themselves and not have wrinkles.

Authentic MK bags are lined with fabric that is printed with the logo. The pattern is repeated on the inside of the purse. The lining is usually a light color. Fake MK bags use a darker fabric for the lining. In addition, the encircled MK logo on the fabric liner is frequently asymmetrically framed.

Another way to tell if a bag is fake is by looking at the stitching. Inauthentic MK bags often have poor stitching, especially around the bottom of the bag. They may also be uneven or have gaps in the stitching. You can also check for a serial number on the bag. Most genuine MK bags have a serial number on the inside of the bag near the zipper pull.

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