How to Take Your Dating Photos to the Next Level


Dating photos are a key part of your online dating profile. Having good quality photos that show your face, body and personality helps you attract the right kind of people. But there is a fine line between having attractive dating photographs and coming across as overdone. People can spot an edited image, and it’s almost always a turnoff for potential dates. Here are some tips for taking your dating photography to the next level.

A well-lit, classic headshot should be your dating profile’s main photo. Then include a full-body photo showing your favorite outfit and a fun or creative shot of you in action. This will give potential matches a glimpse of your daily life and show more of your personality. A fourth “bonus” photo can be another headshot or a full-body shot in a different setting to help create consistency in your dating profile pictures.

Millennials – who are the biggest users of dating apps and sites – want to see a true likeness of you in your dating photos. This means avoiding mirror selfies, editing out exes and heavy filters. Using old or poorly-lit photos is also a big turnoff. Having your photos professionally taken is a great way to get great, high-quality images that will attract the right kind of people.

In addition to the lighting, the background and your clothing are important factors in creating a professional looking dating picture. A busy background can detract from the focus on you, while a plain backdrop can make your date seem less interesting. A professional photographer will be able to find the best settings and lighting to showcase your natural beauty in an appealing way.

Another mistake many people make with their dating photos is having the wrong body language in the photograph. For example, if you are looking at the camera with your hands in your pockets, it looks like you are bored or uninterested. On the other hand, if you are smiling and engaging with the camera, it is more likely that your match will find you appealing and approachable.

Finally, it’s important to avoid photos that look too “staged.” While it is fine to use a photo of yourself at a nice restaurant or in front of an impressive structure, be sure to include plenty of casual photos as well. These will give your date a better sense of who you are as a person and will help to build a connection.

In a recent survey*, we found that 77% of women are put off by men’s poor-quality dating photos. Blurry, low-light or out of focus images are a huge turn off for women, and it’s almost impossible to attract great women in the digital dating age without having a set of good-quality photos.

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