How to Spot an Authentic Burberry Handbag


For designer handbag aficionados, it’s always exciting to get their hands on an exquisite piece. But when the price tag is sky-high, it’s even more important to ensure that bag is authentic. The good news is that there are several telltale signs that will let you know if your new purse is real or fake.

The first thing to look for is the logo. Authentic Burberry bags will feature a very distinctive font style. The lettering is very thin and subtly arched, and you should notice small differences between the letters—like the left arm of the “R” being slightly longer than the right arm of the “Y.” With time, you can become a pro at spotting fake Burberry bags simply by paying attention to these more minute details.

Another indicator of authenticity is the construction. Fake Burberry bags tend to be very poorly constructed, and their plaid patterns are often mismatched.

You should also pay special attention to the stitching. All genuine burberry bag have flawless stitching, and it should follow the lines of the purse. It’s also a good idea to inspect the stitching for loose threads, as these are often a giveaway that your purse is fake.

Lastly, all genuine Burberry bags come with a care booklet that has the company’s logo printed on it. Be sure to examine this booklet carefully. The logo should be crisp and centered, and the booklet should provide detailed instructions on caring for your new bag.

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