Heat pump repair services are an important part of keeping your home comfortable and saving money on energy bills. There are many reasons why your heat pump system may need repairs or maintenance. The key components of a heat pump system consist of the outdoor unit, indoor unit, expansion valve and evaporator coil. The heat pump moves refrigerant through the system, causing phase changes which result in heat being transferred into your home to warm it or out of the house to cool it.

When you call a professional for heat pump repair service, they will come out and inspect the system to determine what the problem is. They can then give you an estimate for the repairs and schedule a time to perform the work.

Some heat pump repair problems are minor, but some require expert attention. For example, if your heat pump is blowing cold air when it’s in heating mode, the thermostat might be set incorrectly, or there could be an issue with a defrost assembly, compressor or reversing valve. In addition to checking for these issues, a professional can also check for loose or damaged electrical connections, capacitors and relays. They can also check that the disconnect switches and test time delay are functioning properly to avoid blown fuses and other electrical hazards. They will also ensure the blower wheel and motor are lubricated to prevent friction, resistance and energy loss.

While there is a lot of information available on the internet to help homeowners with simple heat pump repair projects, it’s best to leave any kind of major heat pump repair services to a qualified technician. Not only can attempting DIY repairs cause damage to your system, but it can also lead to injuries and invalidate your warranty. Heat pump repair services

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