Do you look at a dusty shelf or a dirty carpet and wish there was someone to clean it for you? Home cleaning services can clean those hard-to-reach places and scrub that stuck-on grime for you.

When choosing a cleaning service, ask for references. Also, find out what the cleaners use to clean your space and if they have any sensitivity to allergies or other environmental concerns.

Residential Cleaning

A residential cleaning service specializes in providing housekeeping services to households. They offer full-home cleaning on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. They clean surfaces in a client’s kitchen, living room and bathroom as well as dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors. They are also responsible for sanitizing and disinfecting bathroom and kitchen surfaces and fixtures, cleaning windows, and washing furniture.

The cleaning industry is highly competitive, and you must be able to connect with your potential customers on a personal level. Unlike commercial cleaning companies, residential cleaners enter clients’ homes for routine cleaning jobs and must adhere to strict hygiene standards. They must invest in cleaning solutions and spray bottles, scrub brushes, protective gloves, disposable towels and a cleaning cart to transport all of their equipment between homes. They may also have to purchase a professional carpet cleaner to perform deep cleaning tasks on a customer’s carpeting. This can be expensive. Having a clean home helps reduce stress and improve health.

Commercial Cleaning

Residential cleaning companies often expand their services to include commercial cleaning. This may involve offices, bars, restaurants or any other business that requires regular cleaning. Commercial cleaners take out trash, sanitize bathrooms as well as work spaces and clean carpets. They normally clean at night so as not to interfere with business operations. They may also offer janitorial services that include floor care and window cleaning.

Many homeowners and renters struggle with a dirty apartment or home. It can be difficult to get rid of stuck on grime, scrub marks and stains that are impossible to remove.

Professional home cleaners can help you maintain a clean apartment or home in NYC. They can clean your swanky loft in the Village, your penthouse on the Upper East Side or your walk-up apartment in Astoria. They can clean on a weekly or monthly basis and work around your schedule. They can even handle deep cleaning jobs. They are bonded and insured so that any damage or theft while they are cleaning your home is covered.

One-Time Cleaning

Whether you have stubborn stains or dirty spots that don’t seem to go away, or simply want a fresh start, a one-time cleaning service can be just the ticket. Most home cleaning services provide a deep clean for the entire house, similar to a domestic cleaner, and can often complete this task in a few hours.

When looking for a one-time cleaning service, look for a company with well-trained and friendly team members. If reviews claim that the staff are rude, this should be a red flag.

Home cleaning services can help you take back your time and focus on the things that matter most to you. From tackling dusty shelves to sanitizing your entire home, these services can make your home feel brand new again! They can even help you prepare your home for sale or move-out. They can be a lifesaver for busy families or individuals! Try them out today! The results will be worth it.

Monthly Cleaning

Whether you’re a single adult living on your own or a busy mom with small children to care for, a clean home is essential to your well-being. If you’re too tired to lift a finger or plug in your vacuum, home cleaning services can give you back that feeling of returning to a fresh-smelling, spotless apartment at the end of a long day.

Monthly cleaning services offer more extensive dusting than the quick job you do daily or weekly, reaching behind furniture and appliances to wipe off light fixtures and ceiling fans and dusting hidden corners where cobwebs form. It also includes more intensive cleaning for areas that get used often, like bathrooms and kitchens. They might clean sinks and toilets, wipe mirrors down to remove smudges and wash windows inside and out and even scrub the refrigerator and freezer to remove stuck-on grime. They’ll also check expiration dates on items in the fridge and pantry and donate spoiled food to charity.

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