German Classes London – Learn German For Just PS16


With over 170 million speakers and the status of official language in more countries than you might expect, German is an incredibly useful tongue. From conversation courses to mastering idioms, the options for learning this rich, complex language are as varied as the people who speak it.

Whether you want to ace an exam, travel, or simply connect with friends and colleagues across Europe and beyond, learning German is more accessible than ever. With this voucher, you can enrol on a beginner-level course for just PS16.

Imperial College London’s evening classes are some of the most popular languages taken by adult learners. Their German courses are taught by highly-qualified teachers from Germany or Austria and are suitable for all levels. Their program has a range of different teaching materials, including a free app and podcasts. It’s an easy pick for those who prefer a more approachable way to learn, though mastering grammatical structure and getting down to the details of German pronunciation can be tricky.

If you’d prefer to study from home, online options are also plentiful. FluentU is one of the best, as it offers interactive video lessons, flashcards, and audio recordings to make it easier to get comfortable with the vocabulary and pronunciation. The app is free, and the yearly subscription comes in at a reasonable $12 per month.

If you’re looking to take things further, a university-based language course will provide the most structured lessons and credit equivalency. University courses are also more likely to offer cultural and historical context, while a business-focused option will help you navigate the world of international trade. German classes London

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