Employment law guides help in-house counsel, private practice lawyers and human resource departments understand employment laws and aid them in ensuring best employment practices are followed by their organizations. These resources cover topics such as employee handbooks, anti-discrimination laws, leaves of absence and severance payments.

There are many reasons why keeping up with employment laws is important for your business. It protects employees, ensures a safe work environment and prevents retaliation against those who file legitimate complaints or claims. It also ensures you are not discriminating on the basis of religion, sex, race or age.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to provide a safe working environment, including the development of an Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Other requirements include those relating to workplace postings, drug and alcohol testing and smoking policies.

Dismissing an employee can be costly. The cost increases if the company is found to be at fault for the dismissal, especially if it violates labor laws or other legal regulations. It is crucial for companies to understand the law in each country they operate in to ensure their hiring and firing practices are consistent with local rules. This guide provides summaries of the hiring and dismissal rules in 60+ countries, as well as analyses them to highlight similarities and differences. It will assist multinational companies with managing their global compliance risk. For access to premium Lexology content, workflow tools, practical resources and in-depth analysis become a LEXOLOGY PRO subscriber. Employment law guides

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