Divorce Lawyer in Nahariya, Israel


In Nahariya, a relaxed seaside resort and the capital of Israel’s western Galilee region, the streets ring with the clip-clop of horses pulling Amish-style buggies filled with vacationers. The city is one of the most beautiful in Israel, with sandy beaches, fertile fields and rolling hills, and palm trees seem to be everywhere.

The city grew out of an agricultural utopia envisioned in 1934 by Selig Soskin, who purchased 5,000 acres and recruited settlers to cultivate citrus fruit, vegetable crops, livestock and poultry breeding. Nahariya’s founders overestimated the profitability of their small farms and the adaptability of stone fruit to the area’s climate. Instead, the settlers turned Nahariya into a health and seaside resort.

Today, a stroll down Nahariya’s long promenade, shaded by giant eucalyptus trees, yields plenty of opportunities to try your luck fishing from the pier, relaxing on the beach or shopping at dozens of stores and restaurants. You can also rent a bicycle, take in Israeli folk dancing or catch an outdoor concert at the open-air Dolphin Theater.

Nahariya is the birthplace of Israel’s first international movie star, 10-year-old Daliah Lewinbuch (later Lavi), who was discovered by Elite Model Israel and drew crowds as a dancing chanteuse in the 1970s and ’80s. Another Nahariya native was Fredi Dura, a popular crooner who played piano and violin in taverns and on Zim passenger lines. He later opened his own nightclub in Nahariya and toured the world as a singer and actor. עורך דין גירושין בנהריה

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