Why Choose a Floor Standing Fan?


A floor standing fan provides instant cooling for your space, unlike air conditioners that require a certain amount of time to heat up before they kick in. These units also improve air circulation to help defog rooms, remove odours and reduce the likelihood of mould or mildew.

The design of these fans can vary – from sleek and modern to vintage and retro. Depending on the model, they can offer features like smart controls that work with your home automation system, remote control options for convenience, and connectivity options that allow you to adjust settings from afar. These are just some of the reasons why more people are choosing a floor standing fan as a cooling solution for their space.

Where to Place a Floor Standing Fan
It is recommended to use your stand fan across the room to maximise airflow projection and distribution. Ideally, the fan should be placed near furniture that may be blocking the air inlet, as this will help distribute airflow throughout the room. Experiment with different angles and fan speeds until you get the desired result. For best results, pair your fan with a portable dehumidifier to better manage high humidity levels. This will also make the fan more effective.

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