Why Android Payment Terminals Are Changing the Payments Landscape


In a constantly evolving payments landscape, consumers are demanding more from the devices they use to pay – not just the convenience of accepting their preferred payment method, but the ability to do other business-critical tasks. From ID checks, inspections and surveys to enabling ‘buy now, pay later’ or alternative payments, smart terminals that run on Android can offer a range of features.

And it’s not just big retail that benefits from the flexibility and functionality offered by an Android-powered terminal – pop-up merchants, event or festival organisers, hospitality providers and more can all benefit from having all their functions consolidated on one device. And it’s not just about the device itself – Android allows developers to add new functionality quickly without needing to invest in additional hardware.

At PAX Technology, we’re already seeing a shift away from the more traditional looking terminals – think chunky dual-screen tablets that resemble a cash register – towards beautifully designed, smartphone-like Android SmartPOS that are becoming the dominant form factor in the merchant acquiring world. They are delivering significant value to customers and merchants alike.

The Android operating system offers a flexible and user-friendly platform for software development resulting in a fast quality assurance process. This enables faster innovation and product releases to address the needs of consumers, merchants and new payment models. In addition, the open and secure nature of the OS reduces security risks, accelerating PCI compliance for POS terminal solutions. android payment terminal

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