What Is an Eyeleting Machine


Eyeleting machine are mechanical devices designed to punch holes and apply eyelets to fabric. They use the principle of metal stamping, which is a metal forming procedure that transforms flat sheet metal into precise predetermined shapes. These machines can be built in a variety of ways, depending on the application they are intended for. For example, eyeleting machines for sewing clothing can include a built-in stitcher for attaching buttons or eyelets to the fabric, while eyeleting machines for banners might incorporate a press that sets multiple eyelets in a row. Eyeleting machines are available in a wide range of styles, including single-head, double-head, and even electric-powered eyelet insertion units.

When creating a single eyelet by hand, a crafter might punch a hole with a hole-punch or an awl and then insert the grommet. Then, using a plier-like tool called an eyelet setter, the craftsman might hammer the grommet into place. A eyeleting machine combines these steps into a single device, making it much faster and easier to create a professional finish on any fabric project.

The most basic eyeleting machine is a hand press, which can be used by anyone with the right materials and knowledge. The hand press has a table that holds the fabric, with stoppers lined along the back and sides of the table to hold it in place. The hand press has a handle that the user must squeeze, and once the handle is firmly pressed down, the metal die that forms the grommet is inserted into the fabric through the hole. Then, the handle is twisted to set the eyelet.

More advanced eyeleting machines are designed for commercial use. These machines are usually larger, more stable, and capable of running for long periods without requiring maintenance. Some models are also programmable, allowing the operator to specify specific eyelet insertion settings. This can be useful for businesses that use large quantities of eyelets and want to reduce labor costs.

These machines can be manually or automatically operated, depending on the business’s needs and budget. Some models have a more compact footprint than others, making them more portable. Others are designed to work with different types of materials, such as PVC banners, textiles, or rigid materials such as coroplast.

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