What Can an Immigration Lawyer Do For Me?


A portland immigration lawyer is a licensed attorney who can help with all aspects of US Immigration Law. Immigration lawyers can assist with reuniting families, getting work visas or citizenship and handling deportation defense cases. In addition, they can provide counsel regarding the immigration consequences of criminal charges and other legal matters.

Immigration issues can be extremely complicated and time consuming. A qualified portland immigration lawyer will be able to navigate the process with ease and efficiency. Choosing the right immigration lawyer will save you time, money and stress in the long run.

Depending on your individual situation, an experienced immigration attorney will be able to recommend the best course of action for your case. They will be able to determine which petitions and forms you need to file, and will ensure all the documents are submitted correctly and on time. Immigration attorneys can also assist with appeals and motions to revoke or cancel an order of removal.

An immigration lawyer can also advise on employment based immigration matters. This includes preparing employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas for individuals and families, as well as labor certifications and extraordinary ability petitions. They can also advise on employment-based options for obtaining a green card, such as the adjustment of status and the change of employer petition. They can also assist with obtaining a visa for family members of immigrants, such as fiancés, spouses, children and parents.

The right immigration lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. They can save you the headache of having to go through a deportation hearing on your own, which is usually held in Immigration Court. They can also help you avoid the mistakes that can jeopardize your case, such as missing a filing deadline or failing an interview.

A knowledgeable immigration attorney can help you meet all of your compliance responsibilities while in the United States, including registration with local authorities, tax and social insurance obligations and reporting requirements to government agencies. Failure to comply with these responsibilities can result in fines, penalties and restrictions on future travel or the ability to sponsor additional family members.

The best Portland Immigration Lawyer will be experienced and have a good track record. They should have a strong understanding of immigration laws, and be a member of the Oregon State Bar Association and American Immigration Lawyers Association. They should also be in good standing with their bar association and have a clean disciplinary record. They should also be able to offer an affordable fee structure and be available for consultations. The immigration laws in the United States are complex and changing frequently, so it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. A good immigration lawyer will be able to protect your interests and give you peace of mind. This is especially important if you’re facing deportation proceedings. A good immigration lawyer will be able make the process less stressful and more manageable for you and your loved ones. portland immigration lawyer

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