What Are Disaster Recovery Solutions


Disaster recovery solutions are a collection of tools that businesses can use to protect data and recover from system failures. They can include data backup software that ensures all data is stored in multiple locations, a failover option to switch operations from primary systems to secondary ones and more. These products can be a good choice for companies that want to limit revenue losses and safeguard their reputation in the event of a crisis.

Major technology companies offer all-in-one backup and recovery solutions. Code42, founded in 2001 and best known for its CrashPlan cloud backup and recovery service, provides an end-to-end solution with a single dashboard to manage data backups. The company also offers DRaaS software for near-instant recovery of data backups. Many other business disaster recovery solutions also incorporate features such as continuous system monitoring and the ability to identify issues before they turn into catastrophes.

Some specialized disaster recovery software solutions also enable businesses to build a resilient IT infrastructure through automation and orchestration of a wide range of IT services. Nakivo, for example, combines multi-level recovery solutions with state-of-the-art security features to help businesses prepare for and recover from IT emergencies quickly. It offers a range of subscription and virtual purchase plans, including a free trial.

Other DR solutions are available for enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs). IBM provides a full suite of DR capabilities in its Intelligent Business Continuity solution, which is designed to minimize recovery times for IT applications. It includes a business impact analysis tool and a test lab for simulations to determine how effective the recovery plan would be. Acronis Cyber Protect, which is geared towards MSPs, offers backup and disaster recovery, cybersecurity and endpoint management. Its scalable architecture supports VMware, Hyper-V and Amazon Web Services environments.

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