USB Headsets – What You Need to Know


Whether you want to listen to music, play games or communicate with co-workers and friends on video calls, usb headsets are the perfect choice. These headsets come in a range of price points, from entry level to professional. They connect to computers via USB, which provides better audio quality than older 3.5mm headsets.

Some of these headsets also include a microphone, which makes them a good option for VoIP and other online communication applications. Some models have a noise cancelling microphone that can eliminate background distractions such as lawnmowers and kids fighting so your callers hear you clearly. Others have a flexible microphone boom that can be adjusted to position the mic close to your mouth so that your voice comes through loud and clear.

Most headsets use a standard audio USB cable that plugs into a computer’s audio ports, although some have secondary connection options such as Bluetooth wireless dongles or 3.5mm connectors. Some of these models are designed for specific game consoles, such as the Xbox One. These headsets are usually marketed as gaming headsets and have extra features that help gamers get a more immersive experience.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when buying a usb headset. A good sounding headset is essential, as is comfort for long usage periods. If you are planning to wear it for work, choose a lightweight model with ear cups that are soft on the ears and fit comfortably around your head. It is also a good idea to check out the reviews on each product before making your final decision. usb headsets

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