Just like a smoke detector is essential in every home, water leak detectors can prevent costly and dangerous damage. These devices detect moisture and other conditions that can lead to problems, including temperature changes (frozen pipes can burst), humidity (excess water can cause mold), and carbon monoxide and other gas buildup.

Some devices also feature built-in alarms that emit a loud, audible signal when they sense a problem. Others send a signal to your smart hub or to connected speakers, which can also alert you. Some even include a light that helps you locate the source of the problem.

The most important features in a leak detector are sensitivity and accuracy. A high sensitivity level will ensure the device can hear even small leaks while a high accuracy rate reduces the number of false alarms and unnecessary calls for help.

Leak detection systems that come with an expansion pack or sensor cable extenders can be a good choice for homeowners who need to monitor multiple areas of their house or have particularly difficult-to-reach places in their homes, such as behind walls. Also look for a system with an automatic shutoff valve, freeze sensors and a mobile app that provides detailed reporting and enables you to set up notifications.

The low price of the Kangaroo unit makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers, but its lack of a sensor cable limits its abilities in cramped spaces and it doesn’t have an audible siren. The pricier D-Link and LeakSmart models are more versatile and feature a long sensor cable for easy installation. Top 10 leak detectors

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