Whether they’re corny or cheesy, groan-inducing or not, dad jokes are an intriguing and complex cultural phenomenon. They reveal a lot not only about how humour works, but also about the relationship between fathers and their children.

Dad jokes are a specific form of humor that is usually characterized by lame puns. They are easy to produce, one of the low-hanging fruit of comedy. They can be thrown into a conversation without any additional setup or context and still generate eye rolls and groans from the audience.

The fact that dad jokes are so tame and inoffensive allows fathers to tell them around their children, which makes them particularly appealing to young children, who are often amused by puns and other simple forms of humor such as tongue twisters and schoolyard rhymes. However, this also means that puns are less funny to older children as they develop a more sophisticated understanding of language.

What do you call someone who eats jelly beans for breakfast? A jelly bean lover.

The stereotypical scenario associated with dad jokes is that of a father telling a lame pun in order to embarrass his children, which he then derives amusement from. Dad jokes are thus a subspecies of cringe comedy, but it’s important to note that the children in question are not their intended audience; rather, they serve as a weaponised anti-humour that enables fathers to tease and annoy their image-conscious adolescent offspring while simultaneously helping them to learn how to deal with embarrassment. best dad jokes

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