Sunglass Fix – Ray Ban Replacement Nose Pads


Nose pads help ensure glasses stay on the bridge of your nose and do not slide down your nose. If your nose pads are causing discomfort or rubbing on the skin of your nose, or you notice that they are worn down and smearing, it is time to replace them. Sunglass Fix offers several different types of ray ban replacement nose pads for you to choose from. We recommend a silicone or rubber nose pad for most frames. These are the most comfortable and best for everyday use. We also carry a product called Sugru which is similar to play dough, you can mould it to your frame to get a custom fit and then let it set to make it long lasting.

Silicone nose pads are hypoallergenic and can be used by people with sensitive noses. They are easy to clean, can be inserted easily into most frames and are available in different colors to match your sunglasses or eyeglasses. It is recommended that you replace your nose pads every few years to ensure they are in good condition.

The State Side frames feature a thick acetate frame with extra large lenses that recall the groovy styles of the 1970s. This style is part of a series of throwback frames from Ray-Ban that are inspired by styles from the brand’s archives.

Another classic pair of frames from the brand is the Aviator. First developed by Bausch and Lomb in the ’30s to protect pilots’ vision, the Aviator’s iconic design was later popularized for non-pilot wearers. The sleek, square-ish shape looks good on most face shapes and the polarized lenses offer UV protection from both sides of the lens.

If you want to try something a bit more unconventional, check out the Jeffrey frames. This almost round shape is a cross between the Wayfarer and Burbank frames and has a metal-and-acetate construction that will appeal to those who can’t decide whether to go for all acetate or all metal.

The Square 1971 is a pair of retro sunglasses from the Ray-Ban Vintage Collection that features oversized lenses mounted on slender acetate frames for a groovy, retro look. The frames are finished with a shiny, matte finish and are offered in a range of classic colors. Ray-Ban also has a number of colorful Lens Shields for the State Side and Square 1971 that are perfect for customizing your look. ray ban replacement nose pads

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