Sports Physical Therapy – What is Sports Rehab?


Sports rehab is a multifaceted treatment program that guides athletes through the healing process to help prevent future injuries. It begins with pain relief, optimizes muscle length, and then progresses to a return-to-sport rehabilitation program. It is a safe, effective and time-tested method that helps athletes overcome sports injuries and improve their athletic performance.

The demand for sports physical therapy has soared in a world that is constantly pushing athletes to their limits in the pursuit of athletic excellence. Unfortunately, with such high expectations comes the inevitable risk of injury.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, a sports injury can be a major setback and keep you from playing the sport you love. However, a sports injury doesn’t have to mean the end of your career – especially when you are committed to following a structured rehab program.

The first phase of sports rehab is a combination of stretching and exercise routines to reduce pain and improve flexibility and range of motion. This is followed by a series of exercise routines that focus on increasing strength, balance and endurance. During this phase, the physical therapist may also incorporate modalities such as heat and electrical stimulation to enhance the healing process.

The third phase focuses on improving proprioception, which is the ability to sense your body’s position in space without looking. It is important to improve this skill because it is the basis for all movement. The final phase is a return-to-sport rehabilitation program, which involves reintroducing the athlete back into their sport at a lower level of intensity than what they experienced before their injury.

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