Selecting a Height Adjustable Table


A height adjustable table allows users to alter the desk surface to their optimal ergonomic work height based on their individual stature and body type. This avoids awkward postures that lead to discomfort and fatigue which can exacerbate musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain, neck and shoulder strain and numbness in the hands. Properly designed adjustable sit/stand tables also provide a solution to help reduce the amount of time spent sitting and can improve productivity.

When selecting a table height, the seating height and chair height should be considered as well. Typically, chairs should be placed around the table with a few inches of clearance between the seat and top of the table to allow for comfortable seating. The size of the room should be taken into consideration as well, ensuring that there is enough space to move comfortably around the table.

Counter Height Table

The counter table is a happy medium between traditional dining tables and casual high-top bar tables. It is ideal for breakfast nooks and eat-in kitchens, as it provides ample room for family members to dine together or entertain guests while still providing an intimate setting. This style of table also fits nicely in small spaces, as it has a much smaller footprint than a traditional dining table.

Aside from being functional, a counter table is also aesthetically pleasing and will complement any decor. It is available in a variety of finishes to match any style, and the top can be customized with either glass or wood to further enhance the look of the piece.

An ergonomically correct dining table should be set to a height that will allow the elbows and underarms to lie straight on the armrests with loosely hanging upper arms. This will prevent the unnatural curvature of the spine and tensing of the neck and shoulders muscles that can occur with a poorly adjusted dining table.

Most adjustable height tables are UL 962 (Underwriters Laboratories) certified to ensure their mechanical, electrical and fire safety during recommended use and foreseeable misuse. This third-party evaluation is a valuable asset for manufacturers, as it helps mitigate liability in the event of litigation and demonstrates their proactive stance toward helping to promote safer workplace products.

Pneumatic Counterbalance Desks

Pneumatic counterbalance standing desks are a good option for people that need the flexibility of being able to both sit and stand at their desks throughout the day. These desks utilize a pneumatic or spring mechanism to raise and lower the desktop.

While these desks have their benefits, there are also drawbacks. In addition to the potential for mechanical failure, the pneumatic or spring counterbalance system can become noisy as it moves up and down, creating an unwanted distraction in a busy office environment. Additionally, the cost of these types of desks can be prohibitive for many budgets. Fortunately, there are affordable alternatives that offer the same functionality without the high price tag. This includes models like the Seville Classics Airlift Desk that is both durable and functional.

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