Quit Smoking – Withdrawal Symptoms and Ways to Quit Smoking


Let’s face it: it’s hard to quit smoking. You will need a lot of determination and motivation to kick the habit. Most people will need several attempts to be able to quit smoking, as there are a lot of hurdles to quitting like withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine withdrawal is characterized by physiological and psychological symptoms that come up in a nicotine dependent individual when trying to quit. These symptoms include irritability, tension, impaired concentration, and headaches. Also, people who associate some activities and times to smoking, like during stressful times, coffee breaks, or after meals, can experience extreme longing for a cigarette during those times.

Another adverse effect for people who try to quit smoking is weight gain. Some additions, including smoking, are said to stem from oral fixation. When a person quits lighting up, he would reach for something else to occupy himself with, which most of the time, is resorting to eating more food. There are several ways to quit smoking and something that might have worked for some people may not work for you. Some people choose to challenge themselves to quit cold turkey, while some take it slow and gradually wean themselves off.

For some people, going cold turkey is the best way to quit smoking. This method requires a lot of determination since you would need to just stop. The temptation to take “just one quick puff” may be too much for some people, and so you would need to remind yourself constantly of the reasons why you are quitting, be it for your health or family.

Other people, on the other hand, choose the longer way to quit. You can reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every week until you finally reach the point when you’re able to quit completely. Also, there are several products in the market that help with smoking addiction, like the nicotine patches and gums, electronic cigarettes, and herbal products. Even hypnotism is being employed with this kind of problem. Experts sometimes suggest exercise and yoga when trying to quit smoking; those activities not only promote a healthier lifestyle, they are also great stress relievers.

Regardless of what method you’re more comfortable with, you should be able to have a plan and stick to it to be able to quit. Also, you have to remember that there is no magic potion for quitting; some effort is required to kick the habit and stay away from it – permanently. relx

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