A Psilocybin spore syringe is a tool used for inoculating a substrate for the growth of mushrooms. The process of inoculating the fungi into the substrate can be complicated, time consuming and prone to contamination if it is not done properly. This is why most people opt to purchase a ready-made substrate that has already been inoculated by a professional. This eliminates the need for sterilization of the jars and substrate as well as the laborious task of cleaning up afterwards.

Spores are microscopic and can be seen when they clump together or fall off a mature mushroom. Cultivators can also make spore prints by placing a sheet of paper or plastic under the cap of a fully grown mushroom that has already fruited and then scraping the residue which is what makes up a spore print. Both methods require a microscope, and a good eye to be able to see the tiny little spores, but the syringe method is much faster and more convenient than making a print.

Spores can be purchased online from a trusted mushroom spore vendor. Spore vendors typically accept digital payments like cashapp, Applepay and Bitcoin for maximum anonymity as well as regular credit cards for convenience. Spores are then shipped in plain cardboard boxes and sealed in airtight ziplock bags for protection and preservation. They are then placed in the fridge and kept there until they are ready for use. Most spore vendors have strict anti-contamination guidelines and take pride in their work.

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