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Many people who were trapped in buildings after the earthquake managed to contact family and friends using cellphones. They also called 111 and a helpline set up by the Christchurch City Council.

Comparing population change to the national average can give you a good idea of whether the local area is growing or not. It can also indicate if there are any long-term population trends.

Social Media

The Christchurch shootings have sparked an international response to online extremist content. Some governments have promised to investigate restrictions on live-streaming, while others have pledged to review their hate speech laws. While most people would agree that the alleged shooter should not be allowed to broadcast his mass murder, many are also worried about censoring free expression. This is a major challenge for social media, which relies on user-generated content to monitor its own platform.

One of the most troubling aspects of the Christchurch attack is how easily the video was spread on social media. A simple design choice, like autoplay, allowed the alleged attacker to send his video around the world before police even made an arrest. It was retweeted by the alleged perpetrator, and posted on message boards where it was boosted by algorithms that reward extreme content.

Facebook is working to prevent the spread of violence through its site, creating digital fingerprints and removing videos as soon as they are reported. It has also created a new policy that will punish users who share terrorist content. However, the Christchurch attack demonstrated that these efforts will not stop some violent acts from being broadcast online.

The fact that the Christchurch video was available for two weeks highlights how difficult it will be to restrict access to violent videos. Thompson suggests that an international framework of regulation will be required, but it will need to be balanced against concerns about freedom of expression.


YouTube is one of the most powerful tools for property video Christchurch, allowing you to create custom thumbnails and descriptions for your videos. This is a great way to attract potential buyers and increase your website traffic.

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Vimeo is a video-hosting website that primarily caters to filmmakers and other creative professionals seeking a higher level of quality than other sites such as YouTube. It offers a variety of subscription-based tools for storage, post-production, and monetization.

Vimeo has a smaller community of artists that is generally more supportive than the vast crowds on YouTube. It is also ad free, which means that videos are shown without commercial interruption. Additionally, users can subscribe to channels to view certain content, reducing the risk of sifting through a large amount of questionable, rude comments.

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo can provide detailed statistics about your videos, including their views and locations (although not to the exact pinpoint). It also lets you track comments made on your videos and allows you to see the number of times your videos have been viewed. It also offers a “tip jar” for content creators who want to receive small cash payments from viewers who appreciate their work.

Vimeo OTT is a service that allows you to create and broadcast a video subscription channel and website with your own branding. It also provides you with high-quality video and a top-notch CDN, as well as the ability to sell your videos through a subscription service. This is ideal for businesses and organizations that wish to promote their brand while maintaining control of the content they deliver.

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