Pharma Shoppers Demand Omnichannel Experiences


Pharmacy shoppers are seeking omnichannel experiences that offer the speed and convenience of e-commerce while providing the personal connections associated with in-person visits. These solutions can take many forms, from video telehealth with remote pharmacists to mobile apps that offer personalized product recommendations. Retail chains, given their geographic reach and ability to invest in digital and omnichannel capabilities, are well-positioned to satisfy this demand. Independent pharmacies that wish to retain a competitive edge can also pursue new strategies, such as introducing individualized services that complement the convenience of e-commerce with a high-touch experience.

A pharmacy shopping app named 1mg provides consumers with a convenient, inexpensive, and comfortable method for acquiring pharmaceuticals, including those that require a prescription (Over-the-counter drugs). The app connects users with a network of pharmacies that provide these medications and provides detailed medical advice, allowing customers to ask any questions or concerns they may have. The app also collaborates with reputable labs, enabling customers to book tests and receive results at home. It also offers a wide range of medicines for chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and cancer.

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