Whether you are shopping for an RV fridge to replace an existing unit or looking for the perfect refrigerator to complement your brand new rig, there is no better choice than one of norcold rv refrigerators. This top RV fridge manufacturer has been making its way into rigs since 1959 and offers an array of options to meet the needs of all types of RVers.

One of the great things about norcold refrigerators is that they can be operated on a range of power sources including both electricity and gas. These absorption fridges can also be switched from gas to electric operation automatically, which saves you the hassle of having to flip a switch every time you want to use your refrigerator.

A norcold refrigerator has a built in automatic defrost system that ensures your freezer does not build up ice. This is a huge benefit as it eliminates the need to manually scrape your freezer, saving you time and money. Norcold fridges are also quiet, which makes them a nice choice for RV owners who enjoy listening to the sounds of nature around them.

Norcold rv refrigerators are popular with campers because they are compact and can fit in the smaller spaces of a travel trailer or Class B rig. They also look and function like a standard home fridge, with cool products in one section and frozen food in the other. Many of the brand’s products can also be converted from a fridge into a freezer at the flick of a switch. norcold parts online

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