Microsoft Dynamics GP Generic EDI Integration Server


Good examples are the cases,Microsoft Dynamics GP Generic EDI Integration Server Articles when you need to override document date, change Item Number or append suffix or prefix, specify item replacement according to your supplier newly updated catalogue.  We would like to describe the product (and, considering it’s openness to customization, it could be also referred as “solution”) Alba Spectrum File Transfer Server.  The product could be also deployed in various Retail/POS systems integration (in real time, quasi real time or scheduled overnight), where your Store Management System exports transactions in Text, CSV, XML or other popular format to be imported to Dynamics GP.  Plus solutions will work in the case of eCommerce or generic external application, which exports transactions or master records (such as customer, vendor, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Employee, Paycheck, etc.):
1. EDI channel via FTP.  Product has FTP directory setup, where you expect to pull EDI documents and subdirectories, where you place success report and exceptions EDI results.  EDI settings could be naturally unique per business partner.  Product supports inbound and outbound ftp folders
2. POS transactions and daily sales integration.  If you enable internet connection in your stores (typically required for POS and Retail systems, such as Microsoft RMS, Counterpoint, and others), then you can export from MS SQL Server/MySQL/MS Access/Oracle database of your POS application daily sales results into popular EDI like formats, such as text/CSV file, XML and place the export file into the FTP at your office or retail headquarters, where Dynamics GP is installed.  Alba Spectrum File Transfer Server can take the file from FTP for processing and reporting on the success or exceptions
3. Crossing the borders of canned EDI integration product.  Transfer Server has custom file import rules and workflow, and if you are Microsoft Dynamics GP VAR with Dexterity programmers in staff, you can add Dexterity Sanscript code to further modify EDI or file handling business logic
4. Product targeted clientele.  It is for mid-market EDI channel committed customers, where the volume of transactions is up to fifty thousand per day or less.  The same should be said about Retailers integration to Dynamics GP – if you need really high volume of transactions, we have Microsoft RMS integration product, which works on the SQL Server stored procedures level and gives you the advantages of SQL aggregation performance
5. From canned product to the solutions for EDI.  We are happy to help you by assigning project manager and original developer of File Transfer Server.  Alba Spectrum is Microsoft Dynamics GP Dexterity Source Code Partner and we carry Great Plains Dexterity Software Development Factory to address all the possible Great Plains Customization requirements, including second opinion and recovery service for screwed Dex, eConnect, Modifier with VBA, Extender, Integration Manager with VBA customizations
6. Versions supported.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010/11.0, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.5.  We recommend you to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2010, 10.0 or at least 9.0 to be current with Microsoft Business Solutions technical support, as we are writing these lines in August of 2010
7. For additional info, please call us 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918 or email us  By the nature of our services we serve you USA, Canada nationwide and internationally.  Local service in Western Michigan: Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, South Haven, Ludington, Saint Joseph, Battle Creek; Illinois: Chicago and all the Chicagoland – Northern, Western and Southern suburbs; California – San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, Houston, Texas and all the suburbs WeTransfer Alternative

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