Mattar Residences is the First Smart Condominium to Support Matter


Located at Matter Road in District 14, Mattar Residences is a freehold condominium with 26 units. It is developed by L.K.Ang Construction.

The big four platforms—Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings—support Matter, meaning their voice assistants, hubs and apps can control all your devices that support the standard. A Matter feature called multi-admin control also lets you use different controllers to manage the same device.

In addition to the major players, many small device makers support Matter. For example, a new line of smart light bulbs from the German company Veea is Matter-compatible. So is a new smart lock from the startup Lockly, which is also Matter-compatible with a handful of other smart lock systems.

Existing devices can also be upgraded to Matter, albeit not as easily as some of the newest products. For instance, a handful of Amazon Echo devices have been updated to be Matter-compatible with an over-the-air firmware update. This includes the 4th-gen Echo Shows and Dots, as well as several of its other smart speakers and the Eero Wi-Fi routers. In spring 2023, all of its Echo devices will be upgraded to Matter-over-Wi-Fi and add support for more device types. Other manufacturers, such as Eve Systems and Yale locks, can upgrade their existing products to be Matter-compatible by adding Thread radios or swappable modules.

Other companies, including the Z-Wave hub maker Homey and the wooden smart display maker Mui Labs, have announced plans to bring older devices into Matter with a bridge. These are designed to work alongside existing smart home standards, so you won’t lose the functionality you already have in your home — such as energy monitoring in your smart plugs or complicated scene controls on your color-changing smart lights pulsing to the colors of your football team. matter residences

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