Magic mushroom kits make it easy for at-home growers to harvest their own psychedelic drugs. These kits come with a colonized growing medium and a casing layer that users mix with water and mist daily during the six to eight-week growth cycle. The kits also include step-by-step instructions and a thermo-hygrometer.

The type of mushroom grown influences the trip, and different types are more or less effective for specific users. For example, a frequent user may want a trip that sustains for a long time while a beginner may prefer a more mellow experience.

As decriminalization movements gather steam across the US and around the world, more people are seeking ways to forage or grow their own psilocybin and psilocin-containing mushrooms. But while these home cultivation kits can be convenient, they also carry some risk. Specifically, a grower can potentially run into legal trouble if they don’t follow the laws of their jurisdiction when it comes to selling their magic mushroom kit.

To avoid legal repercussions, a user should always read the product descriptions carefully before purchasing any mushroom cultivation kit. The product pages often provide downloadable documentation and additional information to help you better understand how each kit works, as well as what specific conditions the mushroom cultivation kits require for optimal results. For instance, some products instruct users to watch for mist evaporating from the humidity dome (usually an ICEE lid) before spraying again. This is an important indicator that prevents the grower from accidentally drowning the mushrooms by overspraying. Magic mushroom kits

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