Lilo and Stitch Merchandise From Fanatics


Discover the enchanting world of Lilo and Stitch with this collection of officially licensed merchandise. From t-shirts to accessories, Fanatics has everything you need to celebrate the heartwarming story of friendship, family and the Hawaiian concept of ohana.

When artificial extraterrestrial life form Experiment 626 crash-lands on Hawaii, orphaned hula dancer Nani Pelekai adopts the mischievous alien and renames him Stitch. Although created by genetic engineering to cause chaos and destruction throughout the galaxy, the lovable Stitch has been tamed by Nani’s ohana, which consists of herself, her older sister and legal guardian, her hula teacher and her boyfriend, David Kawena.

Social worker Cobra Bubbles (Ving Rhames) warns Nani that if she doesn’t find Stitch a permanent home soon, he will be placed in foster care. After Stitch wreaks havoc at the local fruit stand, Bubbles sends Jookiba and Agent Pleakley to recapture him. However, Stitch is able to escape them using his telekinesis powers.

The film’s success marked a turnaround for Disney, which had struggled in the wake of the box office disappointment of the live-action The Iron Giant. It also paved the way for the successful TV series, Stitch! The Series, and several direct-to-video sequels. There is even a Japanese-language version of the franchise, with an all new cast and setting, entitled Stitch! The Animated Movie and two related animated shorts. There is also a video game titled Disney Stitch: The Series, developed by Madhouse and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Lilo and Stitch merchandise

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